About Us

ODN Technologies offers first and foremost the most reliable, professional service and relationship to clients so that they feel as if they are dealing with a trusted friend. The experience that ODN Technologies is one of mutual respect, with great lines of communication between the client and our development team so that all the client’s needs, first and foremost, are taken care of. Our goal is to make sure that the client’s goals are met and to reach above and beyond their expectations.


ODN Technologies is a company that wants to create the best open sourced websites on the web, ones that are content driven, accessible and easy to use websites.

Our process for creating a website is perhaps painstaking for some, but to us, and to our clients, gives us the best outcome and the best website for our clients.

1. Analysis. Our team of experts analyze your needs through a bunch of questions to ascertain your needs. This ranges from site needs, to the market that the client wants to get into and project planning strategy.

2. Design. This step involves creating an identity for your site and your company so that you become visible. This involves a great deal of inte3raction in design but also SEO planning.

3. Development. Creation of the website, cross-browser compatibility and e-commerce can be created or added to whatever your need is.

Through this process and this partnership, ODN Technologies can provide you a state of the art website to fulfill your needs.

Custom Computers

ODN Technologies can design and create based on the client’s needs, custom computers. These computers are generally for specialists, such as graphic designers and other who are professionals and need reasonable prices for good machines that can do great things. The computers are built on site by our technicians and come with a warranty and will be built in conjunction with the clients requests.

We want to design and produce a superior quality machine that fits exactly the needs our clients, be it office computers, to workstation specific or for the avid gamer, wanting to get the best performance.

Networking, Systems & Information Technology

ODN Technologies offers small and medium sized businesses the necessary expertise to create infrastructure for their business needs, but also upgrade, modify or simply provide consulting or troubleshooting for any of their needs.